Music for games

Music for games

Games for android and IOS are HOT!
For many game developers it’s a real challenge to find music for their games.
Background music can make or break your game!

On this page you can find samples of some of our tracks which can be used in games.
Click on the track name and listen to more samples.

These tracks are available at



Track name: Exciting
Length: 2:00


Track name: Step Ahead
Length: 2:14


Track name: Melancholy
Length: 3:48


Track name: Haunting brides
Length: 3:51


Track name: Lounge it!
Length: 3:24


Track name: Eerie
Length: 3:46


Track name: The chase
Length: 4:07


Track name: Chill ‘n reggae
Length: 2:27


Track name: Royal darkness
Length: 5:30


Track name: Dark mansion
Length: 3:04


Track name: Up early
Length: 4:49


Track name: Go with it!
Length: 3:41

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