#2 Inkscape – Our first Inkscape drawing –

Our first drawing

Our first drawing in Inkscape.
Let’s create our first image using some of the tools. We’re going to create a simple house.

– click the rectangle icon / F4
– click and drag on the canvas and create a rectangle
– hold shift while dragging to create a perfect rectangle. Your rectangle may look different than the rectangle below: we’ll deal with that.

Inkscape Drawing - Basic rectangle

press F1 and pick a color in the color palette so your rectangle will change color. Let’s pick a brownish color for now.

Inkscape drawing - Basic rectangle brownish

To delete the red border, select the rectangle again (F1), hold shift and click on the red cross at the bottom left of your workspace.

Inkscape drawing - Delete stroke

Your rectangle should now look like this:

Inkscape drawing - Basic rectangle brownish without border

If you want to create a specific color, for instance like the color above, choose ‘Fill and Stroke’ in the tool control bar at the top of your window.

Inkscape drawing - Icon fill and stroke

You’ll be seeing the following window:

Inkscape drawing - Window fill and stroke

Choose the ‘Fill’ tab, click on the RGB option and enter the numbers as in the image below:

Inkscape drawing - Window fill tab

Now let’s create the roof. To do this, we’ll be using the stars and polygons option in the toolbox.

Inkscape drawing - Icon Stars and polygons

Click this icon and choose a triangle in the bar on the top of the window that appeared when you clicked the stars and polygons icon.

Inkscape drawing - Menu stars and polygons

Make sure the option ‘Corners’ is set to 3.

While holding the Ctrl-key, click and drag on the canvas. Make sure the triangle is placed in the right way with a flat side at the bottom.

Inkscape drawing - Basic triangle

Now change the color to black and make sure you have no stroke.

Now we have the basic blocks for our house.

Inkscape drawing - Basic rectangle and triangle

We can try to arrange them so they fit together nicely, but it’s better to let Inkscape do this.
Press F1, select the triangle first and while holding Ctrl, also select the rectangle.

Inkscape drawing - Basic rectangle and triangle

Select the option ‘Align and distribute objects’ in the tool control bar.

Inkscape drawing - Icon align and distribute

A new window will appear:

Inkscape drawing - Window align and distribute

While still having the triangle and rectangle selected, set the option ‘Relative to:’ to first selected and then click on ‘center on vertical axis’.
Inkscape drawing - Align on vertical axis

The two objects should now be aligned vertically like this:

Inkscape drawing - house objects aligned

Then, select the triangle again and while holding the Ctrl-key, select the rectangle.
In the Align and Distribute window, select ‘Align top edges of objects to the bottom edge of the anchor’.

Inkscape drawing - Align top edges

Your drawing should look like this now:

Inkscape drawing - House complete
Now let’s add a door.
Select the rectangle tool and create a door like this one:

Inkscape drawing - Door

Change the color to 784421ff.

Let’s also create a window with the rectangle tool (Hold Ctrl while dragging to create a perfect rectangle).
Change the color of this rectangle to 87aadeff.

Inkscape drawing - Window
To align the door and the window do the following:
first select the house (not the roof!).
While holding Ctrl, also select the door.
In the Align and Distribute window, choose ‘Align bottom edges’.

Inkscape drawing - Align bottom edges

Now select the door and while holding Ctrl, move it to the right and place it where you want it.
We’re holding the Ctrl-key in order not to move the door in the vertical direction.

Inkscape drawing - Aligned door

Press F1 and click somewhere in the white space of your canvas. Then select the door and while holding Ctrl, select the window as well.
In the Align and distribute window, click ‘Align top edges’.

Inkscape drawing - Align top edges

While holding Ctrl, move the window to an appropriate place.

Inkscape drawing - House complete

That’s it!
Your first drawing in Inkscape!